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Aqaba Jordan II 

Another Aqabout this morning. Walked down to the Aqaba fortress, the Al Hussein bin Ali mosque, and the beach. Public sites are closed for Eid, but pubs and shops are open.

It’s hot, and I’m still recovering from Petra. Rayjay says we hiked closer to 12 km on Sunday than my estimated 8 km. Nursing a blister as well.

The Aqaba Castle, Mamluk Castle or Aqaba Fort is a fortress originally built by Crusaders in the 12th century, and named Helim. Ayla, (ancient Aqaba) was recaptured by Saladin in 1187 and the fortress was destroyed, until it was rebuilt in the early 16th century under the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Qansuh Al-Ghuri.

In July 1916, the fortress was the location to a victory of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, when this heavily defended Turkish stronghold fell to an Arab camel charge.

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