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The Tennessee & Virginia Cookbook

2018 Mabry-Hazen Edition

Winner of a 2019 Award of Distinction from the East Tennessee Historical Society.


Published in 1911, The Tennessee and Virginia Cookbook is a collection of over 1,000 recipes from over 250 contributors—mostly local women from East Tennessee and southwestern Virginia, but as far away as London, England. The cookbook reflects ingredients and dishes from the region’s frontier origins as well as its growing connections with a global market. It nostalgically clung to the traditional dishes and recipes of their mothers and grandmother, while simultaneously embracing new modern technologies, ingredients from around the world, the realities of changing dining styles, and the influences of science driven nutrition.

A Woman Named Defiance

The Life and Writings of Mary Faith Floyd

Storyhaus Media is pleased to offer this unique volume of writings of 19th century  essayist, literary critic and novelist Mary Faith Floyd, a project 14 years in the making. In January, 2019, Storyhaus editors finally located her lost novel, Eagle Bend, last seen in print in the Savannah Morning News in 1883. 

In her novel, Eagle Bend, Mary Faith Floyd describes life in southern Appalachia in the post-Civil War period through her young protagonist, Minona Dearing. We see proto-feminist entrepreneurial qualities in Minona that seem more autobiographical of the author herself as we see Minona struggle to gain the attention of editors and publishers in Boston, New York, and Savannah.

Chef Pilz: The Psilocybin Cookbook

Cooking with Magic

Chef Pilz is a US veteran who has served multiple tours in the Middle East and the coast of Africa. With his yoga enthusiast life partner, illustrator, and artistic inspiration Tom Bloom, the two have teamed together to take a deep dive into the mysteries of the soul with their new Psilocybin Cookbook.


This book offers a lighthearted, endearing approach to utilizing proper techniques in the kitchen to add psilocybin to entrees, desserts, teas and coffees with careful recipes approached with caution and common sense that also allow for easy and delicious cooking. 

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The Last Storyteller is a searing memoir by East Tennessee author Reeve Emerson. Funny, painful at times, The Last Storyteller is a book about magic, luck, and love in Southern Appalachia. 

"Only a year after his election, Sheriff Wayland launched “a blitzkrieg” against eight private clubs and country clubs, confiscating 80 cases of whisky and destroying 55 gambling machines and other devices. Becky had always said that Knoxville, a convenient way stop between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, was “wide open.” 
Sheriff Wayland coordinated the attack from the Andrew Johnson Hotel, where Hank Williams had spent his last night on Earth only eight years earlier."

Coming in 2020

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