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Storyhaus Distribution


We are a domestic and international sales agency able to directly connect with thousands of vetted industry media buyers, or through respected distribution partners throughout the world, presenting our studio films and other projects to key decision makers. We facilitate the buying and selling

of content rights and the execution of deal memos for:


 Home Video




Acquisition Regions

Africa (Sub-Saharan)




 Australia/New Zealand






 Canada (French)

 Central America


 CIS/Russia & Baltics


 Czech/Slovak Republics

 Dutch Speaking

 English Speaking

 Europe (Eastern)

 Europe (Western)



 French Speaking

 German Speaking


 Greece / Cyprus

 Hong Kong






 Italian Speaking



 Latin America



 Middle East

 North America

 Pan-Asian PTV

 Pan-Latin American PTV




 Portuguese Speaking


 Scandinavia (ex-ICE)


 South Africa

 South Korea











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