Introducing our revolutionary film calculator. 

We love making documentary films, and want to you help you envision what it is going to take. We consider ourselves not only storytellers, but digital creatives who leverage modern tools to help you organize your topics, shoot successful interviews, transcribe the results and capture compelling stories. We then add music, sound and visual effects, narration and more to give you a complete film that audiences will love.


In our initial 4-hour discovery session, you will meet with our team and we will help you develop goals and objectives for your film. 


There are two good ways to develop your script for a doc. Write your script in advance, or shoot all your interviews, and follow our Storyhaus process for bucketing major themes, noting timecodes, and developing your script after all your interviews are complete. Both methods can work well, depending on your goals and the knowledge of your subject-matter experts. 



We'll help you shoot your doc. Do you want to be a director? We can teach you how. Do you need a director? We have several. We'll set up professional interviews, bring along our field sound recordist and professional sound gear, and roll camera for your interviews. We'll also make sure to capture b-roll and behind the scenes (BTS) footage that will complete your visual aesthetic. 


Is your doc historical, or memoir? We can support you bringing together old photos, old video or film, and get it all formatted for a modern HD experience. 


We'll do three rounds of editing on your film from rough-cut, fine-cut, to final. 


You don't just watch a film. You hear it. We'll help you sweeten dialogue, mix music, and add compelling sound fx.


You might only need a page on our web site, and your book added to our online inventory, which gets you on our site, as well as Amazon and But if you really want to build your own brand, consider one of our web site packages. We promise to make you look good.



Don't have the upfront cash, but have friends and family who believe in your project? We will help you launch a crowdfunding campaign that may raise the funds you need. Note: We do not run your campaign, but we empower you with the knowledge and tools to do it yourself. 


Our films have been in 15 film festivals around the world, from Portland to Atlanta, Branson to NYC. We've even been across the pond to England. We can support delivering your film to festivals, and also provide consulting services for pitching your film to distributors around the world. 


Dreamers and doers both have vision, but the difference is in the doing. We want you to know what it is going to take to accomplish that vision. Once you are done playing with the calculator, make sure to send it to yourself, and then give us a call or send us an email. 

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