Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical

Based on John Tod Baker's 2015 concept album, Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical is a film about Rabi Xaler, a woman abused and tormented by her alcoholic and adulterous husband, JD.


Rabi takes matters into her own hands and murders him, but unsatisfied with the manner in which he dies, finds a re-animation clinic run by Azrael, the angel of death, so that she can bring him back to life in order to kill him over and over again, until she is satisfied, so that he may finally feel her pain.

Through L​öttken's Eyes: Rising Nationalism Then & Now

A collaboration between Storyhaus Media and The Cheerful Word, this film explores author Charlotte Hugues Self's book, The Hitler Years Through the Eyes of a Child, this former courier for the German Resistance against Nazism, discusses her experiences from the rise and reign of Nazis–to similar patterns she sees today. Helping define the line between patriotism and nationalism. 

Legends of Appalachia: The Ace Miller Story

"Legends of Appalachia: The Ace Miller Story," is a Miller-family authorized documentary film, about East Tennessee boxing legend Jerry “Ace” Miller, who coached Big John Tate to the world heavyweight championship title in 1979 in apartheid South Africa, following Muhammad Ali’s retirement. The film also broadens the lens in exploring Miller’s 40 years of work in developing Golden Gloves in Knoxville, and his legacy to the Knoxville community.


The film is told from the perspective of Miller’s granddaughter, Breanna Miller Farley, a waitress at Litton’s in Knoxville with two children. Farley interviews surviving members of Tate’s Hillbillies, and other notable trainers, coaches, supporters, and friends of the Miller family.

Faith on Trial: The Gary Christian Story

"Faith on Trial: The Gary Christian Story" was an official selection in the Branson, MO International Film Festival and the Knoxville Film Festival. Written and directed by Storyhaus founders Christian Pennisi and Douglas McDaniel, you can watch the complete 20-minute documentary right here. Film copyright 2018 Storyhaus Media, LLC. Any downloads or redistribution of this film without Storyhaus consent is strictly forbidden. 


A collaborative documentary film project between Author Charlotte Hugues Self, Storyhaus Media, and The Cheerful Word. 

Help us tell this important story. Charlotte Hugues Self is sharing her story about growing up as part of the anti-Nazi Resistance, and sees an important parallel between the rise of nationalism in Germany in the 1930s and what is happening around the world today. 


Storyhaus Media developed this 13 minute trailer, "Through Löttken's Eyes: Rising Nationalism Then and Now," to bring broader awareness to Charlotte's book, "The Hitler Years Through the Eyes of a Child," and today, you can help us raise the funds we need to explain, as Charlotte states so eloquently in our trailer, how nationalism is indeed a threat to freedom, in a new, feature-length documentary film.

100% of your contribution will go toward production costs for our feature-length documentary. Your contribution is to our production company Storyhaus Media, LLC, and is not tax deductible. Secure credit card processing via Stripe. 

Music Videos

Storyhaus brings a strong visual aesthetic to local musicians and bands by helping these artists to envision their music in a new form. From music videos shot at the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta to Knoxville's own infamous Preservation Pub, we are adept at concept videos, live performances, and in studio recording. 

Corporate Videos

Storyhaus offers businesses and institutions high quality commercial video production for television, online and for learning management systems. Our clients include the University of Tennessee and the Vascular Institute of the Midwest. Are you a University of Tennessee department? Storyhaus Media is an approved vendor for the UT System. All you need is a purchase order. Look us up on the University's eprocurement system. 

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