"Cooking with Magic" Individual Buyers

Wuuuh? A cookbook that teaches you all about micro- dosing with magic mushrooms and provides amazing recipes to use in your routine? Cooking with Magic is a book on a mission: to feed the body, expand the mind and nourish the soul.


This amazing book provides great-tasting, high- quality recipes where Magic Mushrooms are presented front and center as part of a micro-dosing regimen. Maybe you prefer to use psilocybin in more traditional ways? We have you covered, with a helpful set of rules for increasing or decreasing your dosage so each recipe is perfect for you.


A veteran of the United States Air Force, David served over ten years on active duty before transitioning back to civilian life. After his service, David found himself lost in a sea of VA- prescribed anti-depressants. Plagued with suicidal thoughts, he found redemption through exploratory use of psilocybin mushrooms to combat the anxiety, depression and PTSD that resulted from his military service.


Profusely illustrated by Snowflake of Snowzilla Arts, this book includes fantastic, whimsical images inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and gorgeous, highly accurate mushroom phylogeny sketches. 

Below are a few select pages from the book and information how to purchase the book for your personal use.

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