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Songs in the Key of H

In Development   

From his roots in 90s alternative pop as the front man for the Judybats to his more modern Appalachian hillbilly glam rock, singer songwriter Jeff Heiskell has spent 30 years redefining and rediscovering his original impetus for writing and producing music as therapy.


As the first band from Knoxville, Tennessee to be signed to Warner Brothers label and once playing with REM, the Violent Femmes, and the Goo Goo Dolls, the Judybats were the Southern Lit band for a generation. 

After being nationally outed in 1994 in the Advocate magazine, Heiskell turned his back on a machine that sought to relegate his identity to that of an American gay cliche, and began his own 20-year journey to creating his own   


 Songs in the Key of H.

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